Welcome to the Dynamic and Adrenaline -Pumping World of PSMOC






Dear PSMOC Family Members,


It is indeed with nostalgic feeling to reminisce the humble beginning of the PSMOC family.  The various setbacks, hurdles and difficulties are  apparently inevitable which make the people in this confederation stronger than ever. These challenges cultivate the members’ virtues and characters that eventually became the foundation of a strong community. A community that shares the same passion and the same goal.


The PSMOC group started with the union of only few members. These members are in various professions and work based on their different expertise.  However, their love for the shooting sports  and their solid commitment strengthened the group. This  is evident in the increase of its members which  started at Level 1 with 5 stages that considerably increase in just a span of 1 year and ten months at Level 4 with 42 stages.


The group expanded not just locally but it also gained support from neighboring countries like Hongkong (PSMOC Hongkong). Morever, support from the 3 Gun Nation, a prestigious international shooting organization based in the US, which appointed PSMOC as the governing body of 3GN sports in the Philippines,  is indeed overwhelming. Truly, a group who encourages membership from different affiliations regardless of where these members came from, even further, despite the racial boundaries,  will result to a commited and united group.


Despite the growth in terms of quantity, PSMOC will remain true to its goal which is to promote fitness to all shooting  sports enthusiast, to have fun and to develop lifelong friendships to all its members. I am  truly grateful to the following people:


PSMOC officers- for their valuable ideas and insight; these people who are open to criticisms that would favor the goal of PSMOC.


Shooters- these people who in spite of inconsistencies and challenges, are still commited to learn and strive for progress for the betterment of the group.


Match Officers- for becoming an integral part of the group with their unconditional support despite their busy schedules.


Sponsors- for their generous support in every event, these people’s financial and other form of aid are indeed helpful to the group.


There are only few days left in the year 2016, and looking back, there were so many positive things that happened in the group. Old faces remained faithful and new members are adding up. It is my hope that we continue to look forward for a better 2017, more shooting events, more members and more happiness . To paraphrase  the quote, “Make your passion your profession.”, here in PSMOC, I believe that regardless of our profession, our passion for shooting sports will unite us and make us a better person.






Congressman, 1st District of Sultan Kudarat

President, Philippine Shooters and Match Officers Confederation, Inc. (PSMOC)