Welcome to the Dynamic and Adrenaline -Pumping World of PSMOC





Dear PSMOC Family Members,


Our Confederation is exactly 2 years and 8 months old today. We have accomplished a lot together in this relatively short span of time. We now have 6,612 members, 2,562 Match Officers (around 150 are Certified USPSA Range Officers and 3-Gun Nation Range Officers), and 103 Affiliated Gun Clubs. We continue to expand our shooting disciplines to offer exciting formats to cater to the needs and interests of our members as follows:


  1. PSMOC Handgun
  2. PSMOC 2-Gun
  3. Practical Rimfire Rifle
  4. 3-Gun Nation
  5. USPSA (through Magnus Sports)
  6. Steel Challenge (through Magnus Sports)
  7. PSMOC Airsoft Sport
  8. PSMOC Defense
  9. PSMOC Tactical
  10. International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union (IMSSU)— to include air guns and airsoft
  11. Practical Shotgun and Sporting Clays
  12. Pistol Caliber Carbine (to be launched soon)
  13. PSMOC Semi-auto Sporting Rifle (on-hold for the meantime)
  14. PSMOC Benchrest


For three years in a row, PSMOC co-managed with the CSG of the Philippine National Police the prestigious Battle of the Gun Clubs, wherein all FEO accredited gun clubs nationwide, compete to win the overall Gun Club Team Award. Each annual edition of the Battle of the Gun Clubs co-managed by PSMOC broke the attendance record of the preceding one. The 2017 edition/sequel broke all records for a level 2 match with 1,001 shooters.


PSMOC has earned the reputation of hosting world-class and epic matches such as:

  1. USPSA Asia Pacific Championship
  2. Chief PNP Bato Cup
  3. PSMOC Olympix 2016
  4. 2nd Chief PNP Bato Cup


This coming November 28 to December 3, 2017, PSMOC will hold its biggest LEVEL 5 match ever — the USPSA Asia Pacific Championship II with 36 stages. Several International shooters have expressed their intention to join the match. It will have a twin-match that will be held a few days before—the Armscor President’s Cup Level 3 match with 15 stages. This will give Filipino shooters the opportunity to compete and test their skills against the absolute best shooters in the world in 2 back-to-back world-class matches.


As this is being written, the 1st Chief PNP International Benelli Cup 2017 Level 3 match is underway at the Armscor Shooting Ranges in Marikina. It has 15 Handgun, Shotgun, and PRR stages and 8 2-Gun stages. It is one of the Classifier and Qualifier Matches that will determine the shooters who will be sponsored to compete in the 2018 USPSA Nationals/Area Championship.


The last remaining Qualifier Matches are as follows:

  1. 1st Chief PNP International Benelli Cup 2017 Level 3 on October 19-22, 2017
  2. CPRA Invitational in Cebu Level 3 on October 26 to 29, 2017
  3. Armscor President’s Cup 2017 on November 23-26, 2017
  4. USPSA Asia Pacific Championship II on November 28 to December 3, 2017


What is unique about the Qualifier Matches is it will give Class B and Class A shooters the chance to receive the same sponsorship package as the Master and Grand Master Class shooters and to compete against the best shooter in the United States. Outstanding Match Officers will also be selected who will be sponsored to serve in key matches in the United States based on merit, performance, mastery of the rules, stage management, communication skills, dedication, and professionalism.


A system is being formulated to give the respective Zones and Districts a share in the sanctioning fees to support local projects and programs. My dear family members, we have only just started and if we remain solid as a family we can achieve far greater things. In the meantime, let us enjoy our sport the PSMOC way.



Representative, 1st District of Sultan Kudarat Province

President, Philippine Shooters and Match Officers Confederation, Inc. (PSMOC)