Dear PSMOC Family members,


It is with great honor and pride that I announce another great milestone in the history of our Confederation— the formal creation of the International Shooters and Match Officers Confederation (ISMOC), Inc. It is the first international shooting organization that was founded and headquartered in the Philippines.

ISMOC shall be the international governing body that will sanction ISMOC matches in the countries where we have affiliated gun clubs and shooting associations that organize matches using the ISMOC shooting disciplines.

Through the International Match Officers Organization (IMOO), it will implement and manage the training program of world class Match Officers who will have the capability to officiate in ISMOC multi-shooting discipline matches worldwide.

We have successfully reached this level in our history because of the dedication and outstanding efforts of our officers, Match Officers, members, and staff to whom we express our sincerest and deepest gratitude.

As embodied in the ISMOC logo, our group/family maintained its dynamism and drive similar to the spinning energy that exists from the smallest to the largest objects in the universe that overcome and auto-correct minor differences and deviations to achieve a common goal of enjoying the shooting sport.


Representative, 1st District of Sultan Kudarat,
Philippines President, International Shooters and Match Officers Confederation
President, Philippine Shooters and Match Officers Confederation