About Us

Welcome to the Dynamic and Adrenaline -Pumping World of PSMOC

The PSMOC was formed by recognized leaders of the sports shooting community together with multi-awarded shooters and veteran Range Officers and Safety Officers to offer a dynamic adrenaline-pumping shooting sport to all licensed firearm owners who are members of FEO recognized gun clubs and to law enforcement personnel to hone their marksmanship skills and to promote responsible gun ownership and safe gun handling.


The PSMOC shooting format uses the time scoring method for simplicity and transparency.

After completing a course of fire, the competitor can easily do a mental computation of his Total Time which is the Raw Time plus Penalties (expressed in additional time added to the raw time). He can easily compare his performance and track his ranking within his squad and formulate his strategy accordingly. The competitor with the lowest Overall Total Time wins the match.


Aside from handgun competitions, 2-Gun matches with the PSMOC format will also be organized which will allow the competitor to use his handgun and .22 LR Mini-Rifle for designated targets in all the courses of fire.


The Match Officers Organization (MOO) within the PSMOC will serve as a nexus that will link Match Officers, Range Officers, Safety Officers, and Gun Safety Instructors with the bond of dedication to duty, commitment to excellence and transparency, and true brotherhood towards a common goal and love for the shooting sports.


More fun, enjoy and safe shooting to all…