Another historic week for PSMOC that culminated in the crowning of the King of the Range in Limited (ZD Bryant Yu) and Unlimited (Edcel Gino) of the PSMOC Shooter Olympix. The unique and first- of- its- kind- in- the- world shooting competition was a marathon match with 6 separate matches of 6 different shooting disciplines conceptualized by PSMOC RD Edwin B Lim.

The success of the match was measured on the quality of the shooters who participated which included 3-Gun Nation Pro-Shooter and competition DirectorRob Romero, 3GN champ Keith Garcia, the Chief PNP PDG Ronald Dela Rosa, and top shooters of the Philippines. The breakdown is as follows:

USPSA Handgun 336 shooters
Steel Challenge Pistol 137
Steel Challenge Rifle 33
3-Gun Nation 81
PSMOC Practical Rimfire Rifle 67
PSMOC Defense 52
PSMOC Airsoft Sports 32

TOTAL: 739 shooters

Shooters had a blast. The Front Sight shooting range became a shooters’ Disneyland.



Author: Bogie Castro, PSMOC Secretary