Shooters requesting for 2-Gun and Single Gun matches

Attn: Match Organizers
We have received requests from shooters for 2-Gun matches (handgun + semi-auto rifle .223/5.56) and Single Gun semi-auto .223/5.56 rifle matches.

We are encouraging match organizers to include 2-Gun and Single Gun semi-auto rifle .223/5.56 side matches due to numerous requests from shooters. These shooting disciplines are covered in the PSMOC rulebook. They can get in touch with the PSMOC Office, if they want to have PSMOC Gold Medals to be given to the winners of the side matches at minimal costs. Handgun courses of fire can be easily converted to 2-Gun. Paper targets can be engaged with the Rifle and the metals targets can be engaged with the handgun or the course designer can specify targets for handgun and rifle.

Since the inception of PSMOC, the founders already incorporated the 2-Gun rules in the rulebook to encourage law enforcement personnel to engage in the sport and give them the opportunity to use their service handguns and rifles.


Written by:  PSMOC Secretary Bogie Castro

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